This is the development log of '!Speed' - File system speed tester. The versions are shown in descending order, with changes within a version being in ascending order.

Version 1.39

15-Feb-2009 : Update copyright year.

Version 1.38

12-Mar-2004 : Added new splash screen on startup.

Version 1.37

07-Jan-2004 : Added 32bit version.
07-Jan-2004 : Update copyright year.
27-Jan-2004 : Fixed some 32bit issues with embedded assembler code.

Version 1.36

08-Apr-2003 : Update copyright year.

Version 1.35

03-Aug-2002 : Fixed '!Help' exceptions.

Version 1.34

28-Apr-2002 : Added missing ParFS to file system list for extended information.
28-Apr-2002 : Added PUSBFS (USB Mass Storage) to file system list for extended information.

Version 1.33

22-Feb-2002 : Update copyright year.
22-Feb-2002 : Add possible license information to grabbed text file.

Version 1.32

15-Jun-2001 : Do not tile window backgrounds when this feature is disabled.

Version 1.31

20-Apr-2001 : Add new file system 'InternetFS'.

Version 1.30

20-Dec-2000 : Add new file systems to !Speed to allow for extra info to be given.
21-Jan-2001 : Update copyright year.

Version 1.29

08-Feb-2000 : Change copyright to Partis Computing.

Version 1.28

27-Jan-2000 : Add ZipFS and JazFS to list of file systems which give extra info.

Version 1.27

05-Jan-2000 : Update copyright!

Version 1.26

03-Dec-1999 : Enhance BETA Testing facility.

Version 1.25

09-Mar-1999 : If territory is set to Switzerland then use German...

Version 1.24

27-Oct-1998 : New visual appearance.

Version 1.23

17-May-1998 : Slight format change to grabbed text window.

Version 1.22

05-Oct-1997 : Modified latest version of Risc_OSLib to fix menu bug.

Version 1.21

16-Sep-1997 : Compiled with latest C compiler.

Version 1.20

21-Aug-1997 : Ensure that write operations write enough data for read operations to read back!

Version 1.19

15-Jul-1997 : Add additional text to 'screen file' if testing a Power-tec filing system.

Version 1.18

17-Jun-1997 : Do not allow compression of executables.
17-Jun-1997 : Do not use normal '_kernel_swi' for SWI calls.

Version 1.17

26-Feb-1997 : Increase window width to allow the display of larger transfer rates.
26-Feb-1997 : Dont carry out a 'pre-transfer' prior to speed test.

Version 1.16

12-Feb-1997 : Ensure all abreviations of 'byte' have a capital 'B'.

Version 1.15

20-Nov-1996 : Rebuilt with latest version of Risc_OSLib.

Version 1.14

31-Jul-1996 : Modified window layout.

Version 1.13

25-Jun-1996 : Allow clicking with right mouse button.

Version 1.12

29-Apr-1996 : Add 3rd party licence support.

Version 1.11

18-Apr-1996 : Change support email address.

Version 1.10

25-Mar-1996 : Use 'Territory' instead of 'Country' for multi-lingual message files.
11-Apr-1996 : If the message file for a given territory is not found, use English.

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